Micromachining Metals

Micromachining Metals

Micromachining metals requires precision. Large cut widths can easily destroy sensitive electronics and devices such as stents that are meant to work in the body. Laserod offers precision machining and outsourcing for companies of any size.

Micromachining of Polymers and Ceramics

There are many instances where precision manufacturing is required. Accuracy and precision are key in medical manufacturing, computer engineering, and research as well.

Creating small holes without damaging the surrounding material is difficult. The slightest defect can significantly impair electronics. With medical devices, the risks are even greater. Heat damage is simply not allowable.

What are the benefits of solid-state lasers in machining?

Solid-state lasers combine accuracy and precision in proven equipment. They are battle-tested. The FDA approved these devices in 2001 for medical manufacturing.

Solid-state lasers:

  • Produce no burn damage
  • Cut at widths down to 0.248 microns with excimer
  • Have spot widths of 3 microns or lower
  • Work in high-capacity environments
  • Are perfect for wafer resizing and micro hole drilling

These lasers use a solid-state ion to produce smaller cut widths and spot widths than gas lasers using CO2. Beams are directed through a solid ion and focused crystal to give technicians ultimate control over the manufacturing process.

Patterning Lasers

Laser beam micromachining requires patterning lasers to work on specific products. Programmers enter the patterns and produce holes in metals, plastics, and ceramics. They use interfaces to tightly control the cutting process.

Intuitive interfaces allow Laserod users to get on top of their manufacturing processes quickly and easily. Give your technicians and programmers the ability to reduce errors with software such as CAMCAD.

What can I use my laser for?

Lasers are perfect for many applications. They are approved for medical manufacturing and comply with strict ISO and IEE standards. These lasers work well for manufacturing processes where errors are not acceptable.

Laserod works with companies in aerospace, computing, defense, and the medical field on materials ranging from plastics to metal. Lockheed Martin, IBM, and even Stanford University. Our machines are currently busy helping the world-renowned university produce parts for their North Pole telescope.

Outsourcing Metal Micromachining

Many companies, schools, and entrepreneurs need the benefits of metal micromachining without the cost of a new laser. Outsourcing offers cost savings as high as 60 percent or more.

Laserod laser machining experts are available to help with intricate designs. Receive wafers machined down to the micron. We can work with materials that are less than one micron in thickness.

Realize your Vision with Solid-State Micromachining of Metals

The solid-state laser allows micromachining of metals to achieve levels of accuracy not possible with gas lasers. Solid-state ions are less chaotic and create incredibly focused beams of light. Minimize cut width and reduce error rates to improve reliability and increase revue.

Get in touch with our laser micromachining specialists to find out how our machines and services can benefit your company. Call us today at 1-888-991-9916 or visit our website for more information.

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Micromachining Metals

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